Why is 6 to 5 blackjack bad

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Playing a 6 to 5 game. Some blackjack tables will pay only 6 to 5 when you get an untied blackjack, rather than the traditional 3 to 2 payoff. Getting paid 6 to 5 is bad.

6:5 BJ is a Failure - Blackjack and Card Counting Forums I will speculate that the reason that 6:5 blackjack is a failure is because typically blackjack players are more intelligent (note, I didn't necessarily say they were actually intelligent) than your average roulette/craps/slot player. A good percentage of these guys know that 6:5 stink and that they "shouldn't play it because it's bad." A rule for 6:5 blackjack games - grochowski.casinocitytimes.com But when 6:5 blackjack started to pop up on the Las Vegas Strip in 2002, blackjack players reasoned that even-money was the way to go. A guaranteed $10 profit for a $10 bet was higher than the average payoff skipping insurance and taking 6:5 payoffs when you won. Casinos adapted quickly. Some dropped insurance entirely at 6:5 tables. 6-5 Blackjack - Single Deck 6-5 Blackjack

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What Does My 6 to 5 Blackjack Pay? - Vegas-Aces Questions & Answers. Date: January 23, 2019 Written By: Heather Ferris Q: “What does 6 to 5 mean? Is it bad?” ~ Player Q: “Any tips or techniques for how to ...

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In fact, the casinos know that the value of your blackjack hand is greater than 1 unit, which is why they are willing to pay you only 1 unit by offering you even money. Bitcoin Blackjack Promotions: Why Earning Free Credits is Easy Earning free credits to play bitcoin blackjack with is very easy here at Vegas Casino. Read on to find out how exactly you can benefit! Common Blackjack Myths and Fact Tips

May 21, 2018 ... Let me show you in dollars and cents what a 6-to-5 blackjack payoff costs you. If you bet ... Why is the public enamored with this terrible game?

While the scenery may be great, the returns on the games are awful. The worst offender is Caesars Palace. This casino not only pays 6-5 on a blackjack at its ... Even money or not, stay away from 6:5 blackjack - Detroit Free Press 20 Jan 2016 ... Here's why I recommend never playing 6:5 blackjack. ... Their eventual defeat was always a result of the math of the game and their poor play. What Does My 6 to 5 Blackjack Pay? - Vegas-Aces